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We believe that STEM experiences offer a great opportunity for a child and adult to bond as they work together to solve a challenge. When working together on a problem and project-based Learning project, the child and adult are teammates – each contributing equally to the design and creation of a unique solution.

What do our customers say about Kool Kat Science?

Very professional and helpful
Great instructions with wonderful illustrations!  Very professional and helpful… especially for novices like me!
7th grade teacher
A Makerspace winner!
This was a great addition to our Makerspace for when we use cardboard!

Cardboard Attachment Poster
Kari S.
3rd – 8th grade teacher
Loved the visuals, questions, and colors!
This was such a great resource to easily implement. Loved the visuals, questions, and colors. Thank you!
EDP Template
Jessica S.
4th grade ELs/ESOLs/ENLs
This saved me time, and was 100% effective!
Perfect presentation for introducing the compass, and teaching the parts of it, and how to use it properly! This saved me time, and was 100% effective! Thank you!

How to Use a Compass slideshow
Nikki B.
5th grade teacher
First STEM experience with grandson
First STEM experience with grandson even though he has been involved for several years. My grandson looks forward to attending these sessions.
Toledo, OH
Charlotte says AWESOME!
Very helpful, thorough and informative. She definitely learned a lot.
Kirk H.
Toledo, OH
My son really grew over the course of this club
It was fun to see what he knew.
Amanda C.
Fort Wayne, IN
Liked what she learned
 Izzy liked the stuff she learned, sometimes she would lose focus during longer projects. Varying the work helps keep her involved.
STEM Tech Parent
Toledo, OH

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    Don’t miss out on our popular class offerings, from activities involving family team mates to solo mastery of our STEM and STEAM lessons and courses.

    STEM Family Fun

    father and son measure a board
    A STEM club team works on their cardboard pinball game.

    STEM Family Fun introduces families to project-based learning. Each team is challenged to solve a problem or build a new product. using the EDP. Parents, grandparents, or adopted uncles join us as we learn and build together!

    Click Here to learn more about STEM Family Fun and see some of their great projects.

    STEM Tech

    girl with dad working on a project
    A girl works with her dad on a STEM project.

    STEMTech is a 12-week program where kids with previous experience and caring adults work together on more advanced projects at the Kool Kat lab to pilot new STEM products. Projects combine STEM engineering, coding, and robotics. 

    Click here to learn more about STEM Tech and see some of their great projects.

    Toledo Library Classes

    Two girls show their STEAM projects
    Two girls show their STEAM projects.

    Kool Kat Science is a TLCPL partner. In January 2024, we begin a 12-week series of classes at Sanger Library in West Toledo. This is a free program sponsored by the Toledo Youth Grant. Students who attend 4-weeks in a row are eligible to win a free robotics kit.

    Click Here to learn more about the Toledo Youth Program and register for STEM at Sanger Library.

    Rookie Makers

    Student building a hand-made kite.
    A student builds a hand-made kite.

    Rookie Makers is a 6-week course focused on engineering and building fundamentals. each cohort is organized around a theme. Concepts include cardboard instruction, mechanics, elementary electricity, and basic hand tools.

    Click Here to learn more about Rookie Makers and see some of their great projects and solutions.

    Rookie Coders

    coding teacher
    Paula leads a group of novice coders in their first Scratch project.

    Rookie Coders introduces 3rd – 6th grade students to the fundamentals of coding using Scratch, a block-based coding program developed by MIT.  The next Rookie Coders class begins January 9, 2024, at the BiG Fab Lab in Bowling Green, Ohio.

    Click here to learn more about the coding kids and see their awesome projects.

    Rookie Robotics

    student building robot
    A student works on his robot vehicle during an online Robotics class.

    Rookie Robotics builds on STEM maker and coding skills. The teams learn the basics of electronics, motor control, and sensors using the Evive kit from STEMpedia. The BiG Fab Lab will host two Rookie Robotics cohorts this spring. 

    Click here to learn more about our robotics classes and see some of the innovative projects.