The Perfect Scratch Instructor’s Course

In September 2020, we offered our first code club. It was a twelve-week club offered as an online group through our church, Cedar Creek Church. I had plenty of experience with coding, having worked as a software engineer for nearly twenty years. But I didn’t know very much about Scratch, the language we’d chosen for our first code club semester. Following up on a link I saw in a Facebook group, I enrolled in the Scratch 30-day Challenge for Teachers.

The Scratch 30-day challenge, offered by CreateCodeLoad, runs several times a year. It consists of several projects. Each demonstrates a different kind of Scratch project, i.e., platform game, side scroller game, multiple choice Q&A game, etc. Each day’s assignment focuses on one portion of a larger game project and can be completed in about 30 minutes. All instruction is done via an innovative video series that leads the novice teacher through the project’s development step-by-step. The videos have no soundtrack. Instead, every piece of information needed for the day’s work is presented through on-screen notes, flyouts, and graphics. In addition to the instruction videos, the class includes membership in a private Facebook group with the other members of your cohort. Any questions I had were swiftly answered by the other members of the group or by Maytal, the mastermind behind CreateCodeLoad.

In my opinion, the Scratch 30-day challenge from CreateCodeLoad is the best way to get up and running on Scratch. Visit Maytal’s website and get ready for your next adventure in teaching tech!


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