Coding Club Opens Fall 2020

When the pandemic hit in spring of 2020, we moved our STEM Family Fun club meetings to an online format. The teams finished two great projects that semester, but coaching them through Zoom was challenging. During the summer, we’ve been working with four youngsters who are interested in coding. Each agreed to meet weekly for eight weeks in a one-to-one Zoom session. Dave has been a software engineer for nearly twenty years, so the coding part was no problem for him. The big learning curve is the coaching part. The goal of these sessions was to figure out best practices for teaching coding online.

Our newest club, Coding Club for Kids will open in September, 2020. The group will be completely online. As with our other STEM groups, the group is targeted at elementary aged students from 3rd – 6th grades. Each child that joins should have an adult teammate: parent or other relative, adult mentor, etc. Each student will need access to an Internet-connected computer or Chromebook with a keyboard and a mouse. IPads or other tablets really aren’t adequate…Sorry!

We will be using Scratch, a block-based coding program developed by MIT. In the course of a semester, kids build four projects. Projects are taught as a series of mini-challenges that build on each other. Both Paula and Dave will be in the meeting. Kids with experience in Scratch will work in Dave’s Advanced group. Beginners will be in Paula’s Rookies group. We’re looking forward to this new adventure. Look for us in the Cedar Creek Groups directory.


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