Coding For Kids-Math Quiz

How can you make math fun?

The brilliant kiddos at Coding For Kids built a math game! This was more than just a Scratch exercise, it was a game with three classic game features:

  • Score
  • Player feedback
  • Timer

This project was unique because the teams had to create alternate backdrops and sprite costumes in order to provide feedback for the player. All of the game logic is on the button sprite, but there was a new twist for our fledgling programmers: two code stacks on the same sprite!

  • The When Flag Clicked stack controls the rounds of math problems.
  • The When This Sprite Clicked stack handles logic that evaluates player input.

Bonus challenge: The When This Sprite Clicked logic includes a nested if statement. This allows the program to test for multiple outcomes. To provide additional feedback, there’s a compound join block that tells the player whether their solution was correct, too high, or too low.

Here’s a link to the lesson sheet: Math Quiz Cheat Sheet

Here’s a sample of the finished Math Game: The game will supply 10 math problems. Move the sliders so they add up to the total shown on the right. Press the button when you think you’ve got it right!


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