Robotics Club Opens 2021

In 2019, we created a STEM unit called Edison’s Toy Studio. In this unit, teams were challenged to create an electric toy. Almost all the teams created some sort of motorized vehicle, and they were very proud of their projects. The only problem was the lack of control. Once a car was powered up and on the floor, it went zipping across the floor until it collided with a wall, classmate, or some other immovable object. We needed better controls than a simple off/on switch!

During the pandemic, we researched the controls problem and came up with an obvious answer: add robotics controls. There were lots of robotics kits available, but we were looking for something with a low price point and lots of versatility. In Fall 2020, we settled on STEMpedia’s Evive Starter Kit and have been hard at work preparing lessons. We will be offering a Robotics club in January 2021 as one of the Cedar Creek Church winter groups.

The group will be completely online. As with our other STEM groups, the group is targeted at elementary aged students from 3rd – 6th grades. Each child that joins should have an adult teammate. The adult can be a parent, other relative, or adult mentor. Each student should have their own Evive Starter Kit. It would be best if either the student or adult has some coding experience.

We plan to build at least three major projects during the semester, and are looking for techie kids who want to move to the next level!


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