The Best Robotics Kit You Never Heard Of!

In January 2021 we opened our first robotics club. During the months prior to starting the club we’d been searching for a robotics kit that was both affordable and versatile. Following a tip on a Facebook STEM group, we came across the Evive robotics platform offered by STEMpedia, an innovative STEM supplier in Ahmedabad, India. The Evive Starter Kit is the company’s flagship product, and we found it met all our requirements.

Evive is an electronic device built around the Arduino Mega 2560 board. It provides several input/output capabilities that would ordinarily require various add-on boards for the 2560. These include a small TFT screen display, motor controllers, onboard battery and charging system, mini breadboard, bluetooth socket, and many others.

The Evive Starter Kit comes with a basic chassis and running gear, several motors, a bluetooth card, several sensors, and a host of electronic components. In our robotics club, we built several projects by reusing components on the base chassis. In addition to the materials in the kit, STEMpedia provides several online training courses that take novices through the basics of electronics, programming, and robotics using the Evive Starter Kit as a learning lab. In addition to the training courses, STEMpedia provides two pieces or software free of charge:

  • PictoBlox: a Mac and Windows application used to program the Evive and several other boards
  • Dabble: an Android and IOS app used to control the evive

We’ve just finished our first semester of Robotics Revolution, and have been very happy with our choice. The STEMpedia website has a host of support documents for troubleshooting, and when we need it, their tech support has helped us resolve any issues we had. The kit lists for $179 US, but is often discounted by as much as 10%. It ships directly from India, but we’ve found it usually arrives in a week or so.

If you’re looking for a kit to build a beginner robotics program around, we strongly recommend the Evive Starter Kit.


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