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Using a Compass to Find Your Way

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This one- or two-day activity introduces students to cardinal and ordinal directions using a compass to navigate a course. The course allows up to eight teams to follow separate paths using a compass. This strategy prevents teams from simply following each other around a circuit. Each path is a zigzag course of seven short walks separated by 90-degree turns along the cardinal directions (north, south, east, and west).

The files that are part of this lesson include:

  • Compass Basics slideshow titled, This Way or That?
  • Navigating with a Compass activity (lesson)
  • Orienteering Course Excel workbook (used to set up your own course)

Your Lesson Resources including:

  • Chart: Parts of a Base Plate Compass,
  • Chart: Magnetic North vs Geographic North
  • Student Handout: How to Use a Compass,
  • Practice Handout: Ordinal and Cardinal directions
  • Lab Route Worksheet for students with a Teacher’s Key,
  • Compass Rose images for SRN entries
  • Teacher Notes

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