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Humans have dreamed of visiting Mars since the 1880s, but getting there isn’t easy. Using a game board modeled after the orbits of Mars and Earth, student teams will plot a course to Mars and back. As they plan their Mars mission, students will use the same navigation method that NASA uses for interplanetary travel – the Hohmann Transfer Orbit. You can use this STEM activity, and the included Rover’s slideshow to introduce a Solar System unit or a Mars rover design project. In addition to planning their voyage, students will also learn the uses, design, and history of space rovers from 1970 to the present. The full bundle includes the following:

  • PowerPoint slideshow to introduce teams to Rovers
  • Differentiated lesson plan to explain the requirements and methodology of the Mars Mission activity
  • Spreadsheet with Hohmann transfer orbit cycles
  • Video links that explain and demonstrate the Hohmann Transfer Orbit method
  • Teacher Notes and charts

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