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Mars Rover Expansion Pack

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SketchUp is CAD software used for 3D modeling. The free version is a very popular application used in many schools, libraries, and science clubs. Students can use Sketch-Up for a variety of tasks in the STEM classroom:

  • Design
  • Virtual Prototyping
  • Project Drawings
  • 3D Printing

This package is designed to accompany the SketchUp Mars Rover Modeling Activity. It provides step-by-step guidelines to add four cool features to the basic rover chassis built in the introductory Mars Rover Modeling lesson.

diagram showing 3D printing instructions

The expansion pack consists of four sequential activities to add:

  1. Cargo Box
  2. Passenger Bench
  3. Dashboard and Windshield
  4. Steering Wheel

The activities are set up as four recipe card sets. Each set has numbered steps that show the SketchUp tool needed and a screenshot of the action. Students can follow the steps closely, or use them to launch their own ideas. Each activity takes one to two 40 minute sessions, depending on student familiarity with SketchUp.

Get the PowerPoint  version of this presentation on our TPT store:

SketchUp Expansion Pack for Mars Rover

View and share the Google version here:

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