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New and Improved Gizmo Rig Test Stand

The Gizmo Rig Lesson on TPT Gets a Facelift!

2D puppet head in a test stand
Designing a movable puppet mouth using the Gizmo Rig.

This bundle will help teachers set the stage for a great Simple Machines unit. It contains a wonderful slideshow that covers each of the six simple machines. In addition, there are full material lists, plans, student instructions, and teacher prep to build a class set of Gizmo Rigs. Gizmo Rigs are great little test stands that students can use to build catapults, pulley assemblies, wheel and axle experiments, inclined plane testers, and a host of other GIZMOS. The rig is very sturdy with two upright beams and two adjustable arms. Materials for ten Gizmo Rigs cost less than $100 and your kiddos will find all sorts of uses for them. To aid in assembly, there’s a Fastener chart to help your budding engineers tell a bolt from a screw.

Check out this awesome bundle on our TPT store:

Gizmo Rig Simple Machines Bundle


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