Explore the Planets with Gustav Holst

A great addition to your planet or Mars Rover study. Student teams will review the planets in our solar system while they listen to The Planets, a suite composed by Gustav Holst that will guide them to look at the planets in a new way. Afterward, they will research two planets or a burning “I Wonder” question. Teams will present findings with an infographic using Canva, a free online resource for fliers, infographics, Instagram posts, newspapers, and so much more!

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This bundle includes the following:

  • PowerPoint slideshow to introduce teams to the planets in our solar system
  • PowerPoint slideshow to introduce the composer, Gustav Holst, and his masterpiece, The Planets.
  • Lesson Plan to explain the needs and objectives of the activity.
  • Planet Data chart and two sample infographics
  • Research links for collecting information and images
  • Checklist and rubric with student expectations


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