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Building an Electric Circuit Game

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This 40-minute lesson uses a design-based approach to build a familiar favorite, the electric circuit game. Teams use what they know about electric circuits to solve the problem of making a quiz game. They discuss and then map out their ideas for building a working game in their science research notebook (SRN) using electric symbols. While building their game students use electrical tools such as needle-nose pliers, wire strippers, and a voltmeter.

The lesson includes

  • step-by-step instructions for the teacher,
  • a game board template,
  • an electric symbol handout, and
  • BONUS slideshow for Drawing Electric Circuits

This lesson was created by a teacher/engineer writing team and includes a number of technical tips to aid teachers as they troubleshoot design problems.

BONUS: Say goodbye to messy research notebook sketches that depict electrical projects like a plate of spaghetti! The Drawing Electric Circuits slideshow invites students to visualize their electrical circuits in a new way. Using simple examples, this presentation guides students through the process of making electrical diagrams which includes FREE download includes an Electrical Symbol handout sized perfectly to fit in your students’ research notebooks.

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