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Discover the Skies with Kites

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This four-lesson unit uses an engineering approach to build a kite. Teams test their material options, then select their sail and spar materials. While building the kite, students use tools such as a wood file, side cutting pliers, and sandpaper. Don’t forget the safety glasses!  The unit features a customizable design challenge, kite design options, and a budget-conscious material list. Created by a teacher/engineer writing team, this bundle includes procedures and technical tips to aid teachers as they troubleshoot design problems.

Discover the Skies With Kites is packed with graphical resources, notebook inserts, and helpful tips from a teacher and engineer.

Lesson One supports include:

  • Testing Kite Materials videos for testing sails and spars
  • Two slideshows to support lesson one:
    • An Introduction to Kites
    • Kites in Flight, an introduction to principles of flight
  • Two teacher support documents
  • Three lab worksheets for students (sail testing, spar testing, and kite design)

Lesson Two supports include:

  • Two slideshows to support lesson two:
    • Craftsman’s Way (a tool to introduce criteria for quality work)
    • Cloud Banners (examples of ways kites can be used)
  • One Google Sheet for converting DL units to centimeters
  • One Student Lab sheet that outlines how to make a model and why a model is useful
  • One teacher’s key for checking student work

Lesson Three supports include:

  • One slideshow: Kite Blueprints (to help students read a kite template/blueprint)
  • One student Lab sheet that to help students make a pattern for their sail
  • One teacher key for checking student work

Lesson Four supports include:

  • Step-by-step guides for building three classic kites: diamond, delta, and sled.

BONUS: The bundle includes an illustrated knot tying handout and Step-by-Step instructions for a testing platform called the Gizmo Rig. The Gizmo Rig is useful for a host of STEM applications.

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