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Building Levers & Catapults with the Lifter Sisters

The Lifter Sisters, a trio of science-loving siblings, serve as guides on this project-based-learning adventure. This 3-session unit covers all three classes of levers and culminates in a catapult design challenge. Students will build simple examples of each type of lever. Then, using their models and the Engineering Design Process, teams compete to design and build a catapult capable of hurling a pom-pom across the room! This bundle contains three lessons, three slideshow presentations with scripts, and an anchor chart showing a variety of fasteners.

BONUS: The Kool Kat team uses the Gizmo Rig, a simple staging platform, for our lessons on simple machines and mechanical engineering. Students can build this reusable tool from common materials in one class session. This bundle includes a material list, complete plans and a step-by-step construction guide for building a class set of Gizmo Rig platforms.

See our blog post for samples of the Gizmo Rig in action:

Introducing the Gizmo Rig

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