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Build a Circuit

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Kids love using “real” tools to create a project – when you add a few volts of electricity, they are hooked!  This is the first in a series of three electricity units. This lesson takes students through five mini-challenges that will challenge even students who have previous experience building a simple circuit. Each challenge has information that will inform both the rookie and novice junior electrician. The experiences the kids gain using wire strippers, cutting and splicing wires, and building open and closed circuits will be used in all three Kool Kat Science electricity units.

  • Mini-Challenge 1: Looking at a Load
  • Mini-Challenge 2: Light the Lamp
  • Mini-Challenge 3: Draw a Circuit
  • Mini-Challenge 4: Splice a Wire
  • Mini-Challenge 5: Add a Switch

Teachers are supported with the following resource materials in this bundle.

  1. A PDF with the full lesson.
  2. Three slideshow presentations
    1. EDP slideshow (for students)
    2. Teacher presentation to guide the lesson
    3. Circuit Symbol presentation (also available as a separate product)
  3. Two lab handouts fitted to a 6 x 8 lab notebook
  4. One tool safety handout for notebook
  5. One electricity chart
  6. An introduction to electricity document that tracks this content and the other two electricity lessons
  7. One Step-by-Step guide (for teacher)
  8. How-to Strip Wires resource

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