Our Founders

Kool Kat Science was founded by the educator-engineer writing team, Paula and Dave Schoeff. They began writing innovative STEM lessons in 2007, and their work has been used in elementary science curricula for schools across the United States and in China.

In 2018, Paula and Dave Schoeff saw a need for low-cost STEM learning opportunities in Toledo, OH. Their first 12-week STEM club was hosted as a home group in September 2018. The learners were a small group of parents and children, and the projects were focused on STEM engineering. During the pandemic, Paula and Dave shifted to online Zoom sessions, with club members learning to code. In 2021, the group expanded to two STEM clubs: coding and elementary robotics. In 2023, Kool Kat Science was incorporated as a non-profit and formalized partnerships with the City of Toledo and Toledo Lucas County Public Library.


Paula Schoeff is a full-time writer with a BS in Elementary Ed. and Middle School endorsements in Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, and Technology. Her Masters is in Science Curriculum Design.

Dave the Engineer

Dave Schoeff is an IT Technical Analyst and STEM enthusiast with a BS in Software Engineering and an MBA.