While planning the puppet unit, the Kool Katz dreamers determined that teams would need a mechanism to hold the puppet upright while under construction. For this purpose, Dave developed a versatile piece of equipment we named the Gizmo Rig. The rig has been modified several 
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Twenty-first-century skills have been identified by American policymakers and business leaders as skills they look for when hiring. As STEM writers, the Kool Kat writing team appreciates the need to embed twenty-first success skills in our lessons. We provide resources and guidance to aid teachers 
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If you have ever tried to find a replacement bolt, screw, or nail for a household project you know that these items come in a dizzying array of types and sizes. If you use fasteners in the classroom, your students are even more confused! Most 
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Insights don’t usually arrive at my desk, but go into notebooks when I’m on the move. Or half-asleep. Hilary Mantel The Interactive Science Notebook is a personal journal of the students’ learning using pictures, sketches, notes, and data. As they explore science problems, students form 
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