Problem and Project Based Learning

All of our lessons are PBL: Project or Problem Based Learning.

Problem Based Learning

Problem Based Learning lessons focus on a particular challenge. The lesson often includes a story that prevents a problem. One of our favorite Problem Based Lessons is the Mystery of Dogland. This is a crime scene lesson featuring a local animal shelter that has fallen victim to a dog food thief.

Dogland Mystery Scenario
The Mystery of Dogland is a crime scene PBL unit.

Project Based Learning

Project Based Lessons focus on a particular solution. The lesson usually includes a device or process that solves a real-world need. Students are challenged to develop their version of the solution and adapt it to a particular situation. A great example of this type of lesson is the Classroom Zoo unit. In this lesson, students design and build animal enclosures to suit their favorite animal.

Zoo diorama
A member of the Kool Kat Pilot Group proudly displays his zoo enclosure for an iguana.