Engineering Design Process

The Engineering Design Process (EDP) is an iterative process for developing and improving an object or process. Our lessons use a seven step process: ASK, IMAGINE, PLAN, CREATE, TEST, IMPROVE SHARE.

The Engineering Design Process

  • What is the challenge?
  • What have others done?
  • What resources are available?
  • What are your limitations?
  • Brainstorm!
  • What are some solutions?
  • Gather materials to test & play.
  • Research the topic.
  • Draw a sketch of your design.
  • Make lists of materials you need.
  • Plan your steps.
  • Follow your plan.
  • Build a model.
  • Try it out!
  • What works?
  • What doesn’t?
  • Think about how to make your design better.
  • Modify your design to solve new problems.
  • Show your design to others.
  • Get feedback.