STEM occupations out-earn non- STEM fields by 12-30% across all education levels. STEM jobs have doubled as a proportion of all jobs since the industrial revolution. Smithsonian Science Education Center

The Need

In Toledo Public Schools, only 30% of elementary students and 33% of middle school students tested at or above the proficient level for math. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) offers an engaging way to improve math understanding.

STEM  Shortage

Project-based STEM build skills by emphasizing design, prototyping and  problem solving. However, long-form projects are difficult in a conventional classroom. And most local community science opportunities are limited to single session experiences.

STEM  Solutions

Kool Kat Science addresses these gaps by providing project-based STEM classes at low or no cost. Each project is 3-6 sessions long and is ideally suited for 2Gen (two-generational) learning. 


Kids love science. Visit any science center on a Saturday afternoon, and you’ll see bright eyed youngsters having fun. But, real learning requires wrestling with a problem that only science can solve.

Kid doing science
A 3rd grader assists with a chemistry demo at Imagination Station in Toledo, OH.


Most students are very familiar with technology. In the STEM classroom, technology goes beyond entertainment to serve as a tool for research, design, collaboration and presentation.

CAD software
Sketchup is an easy-to-use 3D modeling tool used in schools for design and visualization.


Engineering is all about problem solving. STEM classrooms use the Engineering Design Process to design and build solutions to real world challenges.

pulleys and strings on a model
This STEM class built cardboard models to figure out how to move a puppet jaw with a pulley, lever and elastic.


Math is the language that make design and measurement possible. STEM teams use math to design prototypes and compare alternate ideas.

Magnet car race course
STEM club teams used math to design obstacle courses for their magnet cars.