Coding for Kids

Coding for Kids introduces 3rd-6th grade students to the fundamentals of coding using Scratch, a block-based coding program developed by MIT. https://scratch.mit.edu/about In the course of six weeks, kids build several projects. Projects are taught as a series of mini-challenges that build on each other. Our next Coding for Kids cohort is  Rookie Coders at BiG Fab Lab in Bowling Green, Ohio.

  • Where: BiG Fab Lab, 1234 North Main Street #d Bowling Green, OH 43402
  • When: Saturdays 10am-11:30pm, Oct 7 – Nov 11,2023

Coding for Kids comes in two flavors: Rookies and Advanced. The Rookies group is for students who have little or no coding experience. In the course of six 90-minute sessions, students learn the basics of programming including loops, variables, conditional statements, and events. The Advanced group learns more sophisticated effects and control structures for games and other electronic media such as animations and presentations.

Where time permits during the course, students work with the Quarky robot. This gives them experience coding for the screen and coding for a device.

Young boy learning to code.
Young boy learning to code..

Scenes From Coding for Kids