A girl in Sanger STEM Engineering shows off her robotic hand.

Sanger Library Hosts Engineering Explorations

This year, the Sanger Library in Toledo is hosting an exciting journey of exploration and discovery with its weekly STEM program for children in grades 3-6. STEM Tech 2024, proudly presented by Kool Kat Science and generously sponsored by the City of Toledo.

Rookie Engineering: Building the Future

In Rookie Engineering, students harnessed principles of mechanical and electrical through a series of hands-on projects. Armed with common craft materials and basic hardware, they embarked on a journey of innovation, creating awe-inspiring gizmos that showcased their creativity and ingenuity. The engineering section wrapped up on February 15th, and one standout student was recognized for her perfect attendance with a Snap Circuits set, symbolizing the endless possibilities that await those who dare to dream and explore.


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