Embrace Your Inner Geek!

Based on a July 13, 2018 article in Big Think+, being a Geek is cool.  According to Kory Stamper, Webster’s dictionary lexicographer, a geek has a disturbing origin, but today they are brainy people who are good at technology.  People all over the world gather together on July 13th to Embrace their Geekness.  The holiday celebrates people who are “geeky” by participating in unique activities that encourage individuals to stand loud and proud in their Geekness.  

Kool Kat Science loves quirky personalities and wanted to join the celebration by creating a Pop-up STEM project incorporating technology.  We had ONE DAY to put it together.  Our invites were accepted the night before the big day — 5 girls!  It was a party atmosphere: yummy food, crafting materials, hot glue guns, buckets of red, white, and blue – and dozens of FAIRY LIGHTS

Mom’s and Grandmom’s who came to pick up their darlings, wished they had stayed and found it hard to leave!

The patriotic theme yielded hats that were the envy of the neighborhood!  Have a look and decide for yourself.


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