A father and son coding team concentrates on their project during Sanger Library's Coding class.

Sanger Library Hosts Coding Classes

This year, the Sanger Library in Toledo is hosting an exciting journey of exploration and discovery with its weekly STEM program for children in grades 3-6. STEM Tech 2024, proudly presented by Kool Kat Science and generously sponsored by the City of Toledo Youth Grant.

Rookie Coders: Cracking the Code

Rookie Coders students tackled a journey into the realm of coding using Scratch, a free platform from MIT. The four-week course finished March 21. Despite being new to coding, these young minds quickly grasped the basics, thanks to engaging and interactive lessons. Through the creation of games and animations, they not only learned essential software algorithms but also discovered the joy of bringing their ideas to life through code. Eleven students, demonstrating unwavering commitment, were rewarded with Scratch coding books, paving the way for further exploration and growth in the world of programming.


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