Coding Club for Kids

Coding Club for Kids introduces students to the fundamentals of coding using Scratch, a block-based coding program developed by MIT. In the course of a semester, kids build four projects. Projects are taught as a series of mini-challenges that build on each other.

Code Club is usually split into two groups, Rookies and Advanced. The Rookies group is for students who have little or no coding experience. In the course of a short 12-week semester, however, they learn the basics of programming including loops, variables, conditional statements, and events. The Advanced group learns more sophisticated effects and control structures for games and other electronic media such as animations and presentations. Click here to see some sample projects.

coding teacher
Paula leads a group of novice coders in their first Scratch project.

Scrambling Sprites in Scratch

My advanced scratchers were looking for a challenging project with a superhero theme. We came…

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The Perfect Scratch Instructor’s Course

In September 2020, we offered our first code club. It was a twelve week club…

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Coding Club Opens Fall 2020

When the pandemic hit in spring of 2020, we moved our STEM Family Fun club…

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