Category: Physical Science

  • Building Levers & Catapults with the Lifter Sisters

    The Lifter Sisters, a trio of science-loving siblings, serve as guides on this project-based-learning adventure. This 3-session unit covers all three classes of levers and culminates in a catapult design challenge. Students will build simple examples of each type of lever. Then, using their models and the Engineering Design Process, teams compete to design and build a catapult capable of hurling a pom-pom across the room! This bundle contains three lessons, three slideshow presentations with scripts, and an anchor chart showing a variety of fasteners.

    BONUS: The Kool Kat team uses the Gizmo Rig, a simple staging platform, for our lessons on simple machines and mechanical engineering. Students can build this reusable tool from common materials in one class session. This bundle includes a material list, complete plans and a step-by-step construction guide for building a class set of Gizmo Rig platforms.

    See our blog post for samples of the Gizmo Rig in action:

    Introducing the Gizmo Rig

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  • Build a Circuit

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    Kids love using “real” tools to create a project – when you add a few volts of electricity, they are hooked!  This is the first in a series of three electricity units. This lesson takes students through five mini-challenges that will challenge even students who have previous experience building a simple circuit. Each challenge has information that will inform both the rookie and novice junior electrician. The experiences the kids gain using wire strippers, cutting and splicing wires, and building open and closed circuits will be used in all three Kool Kat Science electricity units.

    • Mini-Challenge 1: Looking at a Load
    • Mini-Challenge 2: Light the Lamp
    • Mini-Challenge 3: Draw a Circuit
    • Mini-Challenge 4: Splice a Wire
    • Mini-Challenge 5: Add a Switch

    Teachers are supported with the following resource materials in this bundle.

    1. A PDF with the full lesson.
    2. Three slideshow presentations
      1. EDP slideshow (for students)
      2. Teacher presentation to guide the lesson
      3. Circuit Symbol presentation (also available as a separate product)
    3. Two lab handouts fitted to a 6 x 8 lab notebook
    4. One tool safety handout for notebook
    5. One electricity chart
    6. An introduction to electricity document that tracks this content and the other two electricity lessons
    7. One Step-by-Step guide (for teacher)
    8. How-to Strip Wires resource

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  • Fibers: A Flexible Foundation lesson and slideshow

    This Fibers bundle includes a Powerpoint presentation that provides many examples of fibers such as thread, yarn and string, silk, bristles, paper, and more. In addition to fiber sources, the presentation illustrates a wide variety of uses that fibers provide. The presentation is packaged with a science lab that allows students to explore burlap, cardboard, and paper fibers up close as students discuss their source and consider ways they can use the products that fibers provide.

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  • Drawing Electric Circuits

    Say goodbye to messy research notebook sketches that depict electrical projects like a plate of spaghetti! This slideshow invites students to visualize their electrical circuits in a new way. Using simple examples, this presentation guides students through the process of making electrical diagrams. This download includes a free Electrical Symbol handout sized perfectly to fit in your students’ research notebooks.

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  • Mars Rover Modeling worksheets

    This bundle has a detailed step-by-step guide to get students familiar with SketchUp. Students will model a simple chassis and wheels for their Mars Rovers. Once your fledgling engineers are comfortable with SketchUp, turn them loose to model the rest of the rover. If they need help or inspiration, they can use the Mars Rover Expansion Pack recipe cards. These provide sequenced steps to add a cargo box, bench, dashboard, and windshield.

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  • New and Improved Gizmo Rig Test Stand

    The Gizmo Rig Lesson on TPT Gets a Facelift!

    2D puppet head in a test stand
    Designing a movable puppet mouth using the Gizmo Rig.

    This bundle will help teachers set the stage for a great Simple Machines unit. It contains a wonderful slideshow that covers each of the six simple machines. In addition, there are full material lists, plans, student instructions, and teacher prep to build a class set of Gizmo Rigs. Gizmo Rigs are great little test stands that students can use to build catapults, pulley assemblies, wheel and axle experiments, inclined plane testers, and a host of other GIZMOS. The rig is very sturdy with two upright beams and two adjustable arms. Materials for ten Gizmo Rigs cost less than $100 and your kiddos will find all sorts of uses for them. To aid in assembly, there’s a Fastener chart to help your budding engineers tell a bolt from a screw.

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