Our STEM Club is in full swing for the Fall of 2019. This semester started with a unit on electricity to support 4th-grade NGSS physical science standards (PS3-2; PS3-3; PS3-4). You can find the lesson plan for this activity in our TeachersPayTeachers store. We began 
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While planning the puppet unit, the Kool Katz dreamers determined that teams would need a mechanism to hold the puppet upright while under construction. For this purpose, Dave developed a versatile piece of equipment we named the Gizmo Rig. The rig has been modified several 
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Twenty-first-century skills have been identified by American policymakers and business leaders as skills they look for when hiring. As STEM writers, the Kool Kat writing team appreciates the need to embed twenty-first success skills in our lessons. We provide resources and guidance to aid teachers 
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