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STEM Education is the Key to a future filled with possibility!

Every child is a natural scientist. The problem is how to remain a scientist once we grow up.

Claire Cook, MIT

Help Launch the Next Generation of Innovators

Join the Kool Kats

Kool Kat Science is moving from a home-based passion project to a registered educational 501c(3) non-profit. We recently formed a board of directors to pilot our organization to the next level.

Our board members will play a crucial role in shaping the strategic direction of Kool Kat Science. Their insights will enhance our programs, outreach, and impact. The commitment of our board members will guide us as we foster curiosity and learning in young minds and open doorways of opportunity for the next generation of innovators.

If you have a passion for serving young people and their families, we would love to meet with you.

Partner with Us

Kool Kat Science is growing! In 2018, we hosted our first STEM club with six families. By 2024, we will be working with about 50 families a week, teaching STEM, coding, and robotics to kids in grades 3-7.

That’s a lot of STEM! And it’s all offered at low or no cost to the families!

You can partner with us to reach more kids. Here are three ways to help:

  • Donate $$ to buy robotics kits, supplies, and our tech. Participants don’t have to worry about bringing their own devices anymore!
  • Host our groups in your space. Our classes are completely portable. We only need space for 30 people, with tables or desks, electricity, and WIFI.
  • Serve as a volunteer.

How to help

If you have a way to help, please register on our form. We have been fortunate to find many terrific collaborators and partners while on this amazing journey.

If you are able to help, we are grateful. If you are not sure but would like to reach out, we’re providing this form for you.


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