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Welcome Board of Directors

Kool Kat Science is a Northwest Ohio non-profit that aims to inspire and empower the next generation of STEM and STEAM professionals. We offer a variety of resources and educational programs to provide young people with project-based experiences in STEM, coding, and robotics.

Jeffrey Ovens

Jeffery Ovens, retired from the Gerken Companies/Kuhlman Corporation, brings a wealth of experience and a compassionate heart to his role as a board member at Kool Kat Science. With a deep commitment to serving underserved youth in Toledo, Jeff embodies the organization’s mission both in his actions and in his beliefs. Drawing from years of involvement in children’s ministry and his role as an inspiring mentor, Jeff understands the challenges young people face today and strives to make a positive impact by guiding them toward a brighter future rooted in faith and opportunity.

Jeff’s personal experiences further underscore his dedication to Kool Kat Science’s mission, as he envisions a society where every individual has the chance to thrive and where families are strengthened through love and support. In his spare time, Jeff enjoys immersing himself in nature at Ohio’s picturesque locations, finding solace and inspiration in the beauty of the outdoors. He is inspired by those who exhibit genuine love and kindness and channels this inspiration into his volunteer work and everyday interactions.

With a heart for the marginalized and a passion for community service, Jeffery Ovens embodies the spirit of Kool Kat Science, enriching the lives of others through his unwavering dedication and compassion.

Annalise Trout

Annalise Trout, Automation Platform Lead at Owens Corning in Toledo, Ohio

Annalise Trout, the Automation Platform Lead at Owens Corning in Toledo, Ohio, brings a dynamic blend of expertise and enthusiasm to the board of Kool Kat Science. With over two years of dedicated involvement in the Kool Kat Science STEM lab pilot group, Annalise’s youthful energy and wisdom have been instrumental in shaping the organization’s direction. Her extensive knowledge of technology and crafting keeps Kool Kat Science connected with relevant teaching methods and fosters an environment of innovation and exploration.

Annalise’s personal experiences underscore her commitment to Kool Kat Science’s mission, as she witnesses firsthand the transformative power of hands-on learning for both children and adults. Beyond the technical aspects, Annalise values the relationships built through STEM education, recognizing the importance of fostering curiosity and growth in a supportive environment.

In her spare time, Annalise enjoys a variety of activities, from indulging in literature and music to crafting and spending quality time with her feline companion. Although relatively new to Ohio, she finds solace and entertainment in its natural beauty and cultural offerings.

Inspired by individuals who demonstrate unwavering integrity and catalyze positive change, Annalise admires historical figures like Jordan Peterson, drawing motivation from their commitment to purposeful living. Despite her adventurous spirit, Annalise humorously admits to a former fear of garbage disposals, showcasing her relatable and down-to-earth nature.

Annalise Trout’s presence on the board of Kool Kat Science enriches the organization with fresh perspectives, technical acumen, and a genuine passion for empowering learners of all ages.

Ed Bellner

Ed Bellner, serving as the West Toledo CedarCreek Pastor

Ed Bellner, currently serving as the West Toledo CedarCreek Pastor, brings a profound spiritual perspective and extensive non-profit experience to the board of Kool Kat Science. As a spiritual guide, Ed plays a vital role in ensuring that the Kool Kat mission remains true to its core values, emphasizing the importance of faith, family, and community. With a keen understanding of organizational dynamics, Ed fearlessly offers his insights, challenging the organization leaders to consider the long-term implications of decisions.

Ed’s personal journey aligns closely with Kool Kat Science’s mission, as he recognizes the inherent connection between intellect, creativity, and faith. In his spare time, Ed finds solace in woodworking, disc golf, and biking, which reflect his love for hands-on creativity and outdoor adventure.

Despite his busy schedule, Ed cherishes moments spent with family and finds inspiration in his unwavering faith in Jesus Christ, as well as in the love and support of his wife. His commitment to personal growth and community engagement is further evident in his transition from coaching football to serving as a color commentator for BCSN, embracing new opportunities to connect with and inspire others.

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As a board member, you will play a critical role in shaping the direction of our organization and ensuring that we are fulfilling our mission. You will work alongside other passionate and dedicated individuals who are committed to making a positive impact in the world.

We welcome candidates from diverse backgrounds and experiences, and we are committed to creating a board that is inclusive and representative of our community. If you are interested in joining our board, please complete the Board Application form. We look forward to hearing from you and learning more about how you can contribute to our mission.

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