Problem & Project-Based Learning

All of our lessons are PBL: Project- or Problem-based Learning. The difference between the two is the learning process students experience.

Project-based learning

Project-based lessons focus on students’ learning while completing projects. Students engage in real-world problem-solving activities and tasks that promote critical thinking, collaboration, and application of knowledge and skills.

A great example of this type of lesson is the Classroom Zoo unit. In this lesson, students design and build animal enclosures to suit the needs of their chosen animal. Our writing team will have this lesson available Summer, 2024.

Please enjoy the first design challenge, Build a Toy, that students will encounter in this PBL.

Zoo diorama
One Kool Kat pilot group member proudly displays his zoo enclosure for an iguana.

The first design challenge kids encounter is to design and build a challenging toy for their peers.

The Kibble Kaper is a crime scene PBL unit.
The Kibble Kaper is a crime scene PBL unit.

Problem-based learning

The problem-based learning approach centers around exploring and resolving a complex real-world problem. The lesson often includes a story that presents a scenario. One of our favorite problem-based lessons is the Great Kibble Kaper. This crime scene lesson features a local animal shelter that has fallen victim to a dog food thief. This fun PBL lesson will be available in spring, 2024.

Please enjoy this Day 1 slideshow that introduces the mystery.

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