Design Challenge

Because Kool Kat Science has an engineering focus, all our STEM lessons include one or more design challenges. A design challenge is a creative activity that uses the Engineering Design Process.

By definition, a design challenge requires students to use their imagination and creativity. Students are given an objective, tools and materials suitable to the challenge, and constraints. Using the EDP, students draw on their experience, learning, and imagination to design, create, and perfect their unique solution to the challenge

student drawing a plan to represent their ideas
A 3rd grade STEM Club member explains his ideas for a magnet car race track.


The design objective gives a set of requirements.

Tools and Materials

Each lesson includes a materials list. The materials list includes both tools and materials suitable for the project.

Think Like an Engineer

Every engineering project has constraints. These could include limitations in size, limitations to a certain type or quantity of material, or guidelines about construction.

Engineering Design Process

The Engineering Design Process (EDP) is an iterative process for developing and improving an object or process. Our lessons use a seven step process: ASK, IMAGINE, PLAN, CREATE, TEST, IMPROVE SHARE.

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